Become a volunteer for Refugee Crisis Foundation

Are you passionate about making a difference to vulnerable children and adults that are fleeing persecution? Want to use your time and skills more effectively to provide vital aid and support to vulnerable refugees? Then become a volunteer with Refugee Crisis Foundation.  We rely on help from our volunteers like you to help us change the lives of Refugees for the better.

As a volunteer, you will utilize and gain new skills and experiences, as well as build new relationships, meet new people and have fun, all whilst making a valuable difference to those in need. Whether it be dental, medical or welfare aid, we have opportunities to suit every volunteer.

Join us on a volunteer mission

We regularly schedule volunteer trips where we provide medical, dental, shelter and welfare aid to those most in need.


What do I need to do to volunteer for a mission trip?

Get in touch with one of our administration team to find out more about scheduled trips, dates, what volunteer skill set we are looking for and if there are any free spaces.

As RCF is a not for profit organization all our volunteers subsidise their own costs for trips.

Make sure you have a valid passport and over 18 years of age. We recommend that you have valid insurance whilst embarking on a trip.

Do I have to organize accommodation?

We have regular accommodation that we use for our volunteers. However, if you wish to organise your own accommodation you can but we advise that you research areas properly to ensure your own safety and have a valid form of communication for your team members to get in touch with you.

Get in touch with the administration team to discuss costs of accommodation.

How long do I have to volunteer for?

We have flexible timescales depending on the project to fit around your commitments. Get in touch with our team members to find out the best project for you.

What do I need to do before a trip?

We advise that you help fundraise before embarking on our trips. This helps promote our projects and enables you to show your friends, family and colleagues how their donations are being distributed.

What to expect?

Follow our blog and social media for up to date volunteer experiences.