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Explore our healthcare initiatives

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Our mission

Refugee Crisis Foundation (RCF) is a UK-registered charity and international humanitarian organisation committed to helping vulnerable individuals in crisis situations.

RCF has provided medical, dental and welfare aid in refugee camps
across Europe and Asia. Our mission is to provide innovative, locally-led
and sustainable programs that build capacity and up-skills the local
workforce through dedicated training.

Our Work

Working with partners, based across the entire globe, Refugee Crisis Foundation runs projects in the Dental and Educational Sector.

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been forced to flee from their homes in Myanmar, and are currently living in deplorable conditions.

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Ear & Hearing Care

The Rohingya refugees have no access to ear and hearing care service. We have been working with national and international partners to develop this service for the refugees and the impoverished host c...

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Oral Healthcare In Greece

We work in partnership with Crisis Management Association (CMA) which is a Greek non-profit organisation that focuses on meeting the healthcare related needs of refugees, asylum seekers and their host...

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Oral Healthcare 
in Bangladesh

Since 2018, we have been designing, integrating, and evaluating oral healthcare initiatives for Rohingya refugees in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh and the impoverished host communit...

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Learning Disabilities & Educational Support

Our team of academic partners will develop a support program for children with learning disabilities and educational needs within the Rohingya community in Bangladesh.

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RCF always endeavour to respond to the needs of refugees by carrying out various welfare programmes which include food and clothing distributions in several war-torn countries.

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Our work with refugees in Europe and Asia has led to building a strong network of national and international partners including state and non-state actors.

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Research & Advocacy

The health of refugees is under-researched which significantly impacts the response of the health system to their needs. To address the evidence gap, we have embedded..

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