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Since 2018, we have been designing, integrating, and evaluating oral healthcare initiatives for Rohingya refugees in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh and the impoverished host community.

Our services include multiple dental clinics, a mobile dental service, and community-based initiatives. We have delivered these programs by building local capacity and leadership which drives the implementation of the services.

Additionally, to foster healthy hygiene practices, we have developed and implemented a school-based toothbrushing, handwashing, and silver diamine fluoride program for refugee children in the camps. The primary aims of this program are to assess caries reductions and periodontal health, oral health knowledge and practices of parents and children, and explore the role of schools in refugee camps in oral health promotion. This project has received support from the FDI World Dental Federation through its Refugee Oral Health Project.

 Research has been central to our work, serving as a strong advocacy tool to put a spotlight on an under-researched group. Alongside delivering essential oral healthcare services, we have led numerous studies on the oral health of refugees. We have published our findings in peer-reviewed journals which include exploring the impact of oral health on the quality of life of refugees in Greece, assessing utilisation of an emergency dental service by Rohingya refugees, and the prevalence of periodontal disease among both Rohingya refugees and the host populations in Bangladesh. Using this experience of working with refugees globally in the sphere of oral health, our CEO, Dr Khaleda Zaheer has contributed to the FDI World Dental Federation’s advocacy guide on Promoting Oral Health for Refugees.

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