Research & Advocacy

Research & Advocacy

The health of refugees is under-researched which significantly impacts the response of the health system to their needs. To address the evidence gap, we have embedded research within our projects.

We conduct high quality research to inform the design, delivery, integration and evaluation of health services. Our research is regularly published and presented at national and international conferences to increase awareness of the plight of refugees living in camps. 

Our research interests and outputs have been in the field of oral health and ear and hearing care of refugees living in camps. Our team has conducted the first and only survey to estimate the prevalence of chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) in the camps. Our reports have found a prevalence of 14% which is the highest recorded globally. To rehabilitate hearing loss due to CSOM, our group has pioneered low-cost bone conduction aids which we are currently trialling in the schools in the camps. We are evaluating the outcomes and impact of this intervention which will inform the scalability of this technology.

Oral disease affects 3.5 billion people with a global prevalence of 45%, making it the most prevalent non-communicable disease (NCD). We have published a study exploring the negative impact that oral health has on the quality of life of refugees living in settlements in Northern Greece. Our research in Bangladesh has found that most of the Rohingya refugees have no access to dental care, very low literacy levels, unhealthy oral hygiene habits, high consumption of tobacco, and high incidence of tooth decay and gum disease. Consequences of untreated oral disease include physical and functional limitations, which can be seen on a personal, population and health systems level. Provision of oral health is usually neglected from routine delivery of healthcare in refugee camps therefore there is a significant unmet need.

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