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Our team of academic partners will develop a support program for children with learning disabilities and educational needs within the Rohingya community in Bangladesh.

We will conduct a horizon scanning activity to assess the educational landscape among Rohingya individuals, given recent findings indicating significant gaps in access to education. This involves liaising with local NGOs running learning centres to prioritise access to formal schooling and address educational challenges among mobile populations.

The initiative will include a rapid needs assessment, developing a feasibility tool in collaboration with the newly formed consortium to assess language learning in school-aged children and establish an international reputation for the developed program and integrate its structure into existing health systems with support from local governments.

The primary focus of this project lies in crafting a research framework that directly addresses pressing issues within a community on the brink of irreversible poverty and educational deprivation. We will be devising an impactful educational support program, while collaborating closely with academic partners and local NGOs.

Our intention is to disseminate the report detailing the educational requirements of the Rohingya population to NGOs dedicated to serving this community. Additionally, we aim to participate in UNHCR events, offering novel insights to catalyse improvements in the lives of those deprived of standard educational opportunities. Furthermore, we will be hosting an event in the UK with the objective of advocating for enduring educational solutions within refugee camps and marginalised communities worldwide.

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