Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteer Testimonials

Hear what our volunteers have to say about being a part of the RCF team

We lead a team to Athens in February in support of RCF. Our aim was to help our brothers and sisters who find themselves in an unenviable situation after being forced to leave their homelands. My wife Rumina headed the Aid distribution effort and made many contacts on the ground, visiting refugee camps to gather information on what was required. I headed the two-man dental team to provide dental care from the Khora dental unit. A very fulfilling and rewarding trip to say the least.

Hussain & Rumina

I was involved in the Build a Shelter project in Calais as part of the RCF. We helped build Shelters for vulnerable families living in horrendously tight accommodation within the jungle camp. We constructed and built 2 shelters in the camp, and it was really uplifting to see so many people trying to do their part to help these vulnerable people. The project really got me involved, and helped make some difference. I really believe in the RCF and hope to continue to help where I can today.

Ben Jones

I was born and raised in Malaysia (that makes me the first Malaysian who volunteered for RCF, but I am sure I am not going to be the last 🙂 ). Similar to United Kingdom, issues on Refugee Crisis were well heard in Malaysia but there was no local platform for me to extend my hand to help those who are in need. Upon my relocation to Manchester in 2015, I got acquainted with RCF. I attended an introductory talk given by Ali Altaf, and since then I knew I had to volunteer with RCF. RCF is a well-organised organisation and is driven by many proactive team members. Many projects under RCF were successfully executed and so will future projects. I am proud to say I am a RCFian.

Shafina Nazari

In August 2016 I was fortunate to have the experience of volunteering in the Calais Jungle Camp with RCF. I assisted with providing humanitarian aid to very vulnerable young men who were grateful and treated me with respect. Although the conditions of the camp were appalling the people I met were genuine and wanted to better themselves. This chapter of my life story is one I shall never forget.

Sharon Owen

It's been a life changing experiencing volunteering with RCF, having had the opportunity to help and support refugees in Calais on 3 difference occasions has been incredible. Each visit, we helped different groups and carried out a whole range of activities. It's just another reminder about how lucky we are, but we take it for granted. Meeting refugees especially children who have fled war torn countries and hearing their stories has been incredibly moving.

Cllr Tamoor TariqCabinet member for Communities &Safer Neighbourhoods, Bury Council

I started working for RCF as a dental student. I love working with RCF as it gives me the opportunity to offer my skills, knowledge and time to help those less fortunate whilst also broadening my skills as a dental student.

I have had the privilege of seeing first hand the prosperity that our volunteers have brought to refugees and I am truly grateful to be part of such an incredible team who are willing to put others before themselves.

Obaid Khalid Trustee

RCF are a brilliant team that I'm proud to be a part of. Everyone is friendly and supportive in what can sometimes a heartbreaking situations. The work, dedication and passion that is put into helping refugees is incredible.

Emily Owen