Syria Container Appeal

Syria Container Appeal

RCF partnered up with Al-Fatiha Global to launch a widespread appeal for Syria to collect winter clothing from local communities. Over 1000 boxes of clothing were collected to fill one container as well as donations raised to purchase food to fill two containers.

The global community looked on feeling helpless whilst many Syrian’s including children were forced to flee the torment in their home country, leaving with only the clothes on their back. Compelled to maximise help for the situation, Refugee Crisis Foundation partnered up with Al-Fatiha Global in December 2016 to launch an appeal. Mindful that many fleeing refugees would be facing a harsh winter in the coming months, the appeal focussed on warm clothing, non-perishable foods, blankets and baby supplies.

The message of the appeal was canvassed online, via social media and through messages to friends and families. The appeal was also broadcasted in an interview on Crescent Community Radio based in Rochdale. Posters for the appeal were created which instructed people to donate unwanted clothes, in a good condition. The second part of the appeal focussed on collecting donations to purchase essential items such as sleeping bags, blankets, pallets of food, baby supplies and toiletries.

Various drop-off locations for the donated clothes were established in Yorkshire, Manchester, Lancashire and Teeside, which allowed different communities, groups and organisations to combine their efforts towards the common goal of collecting aid for Syria. Conscious to get the aid to Syria before the harsh winter set in, the round up of the large volumes of donated clothes from the collection points were bought to a warehouse to organise and pack. This required the set-up of a meticulous assembly line where items were categorised into size and item specific boxes, carefully labelled and then packed and loaded into the container set for Syria. This took place over two separate weekends through the incredible support of over 150 volunteers from the local and wider community.

The successful completion of the project concluded with not one but three containers of clothes, food and aid being delivered to Syria. Although this is not enough to help all of those that have been afflicted by the war, even if it is something to alleviate the pain and suffering of a few, we feel we achieved something.