About Us

Who We Are

A UK-registered charity that aims to deliver medical and dental aid to refugees in need.

The Refugee Crisis Foundation was initiated in 2015 and inspired by a group of volunteers that were appalled by the suffering of refugees. The world witnesses thousands of refugees fleeing conflict and oppression and risking their lives to travel to foreign countries in search for safety and a better life. Surely, we all deserve fair treatment, protection and support?

As a non profit organisation RCF is committed to helping vulnerable individuals in crisis situations, in particular refugees. We are a passionate organisation connected through the common goal of raising awareness of the crisis situation and organising independent projects and trips responding with crucial aid to whoever and wherever it is needed. Refugees and their individual stories are at the heart of our campaign.

The feedback from our trips and projects aim to give a truthful insight into the struggle and challenges of many refugees as well as the impact of our continual support to tackle the refugee crisis.
We support a network of organisations already involved in tackling cause. We keep in regular communication with established charities and local sources to gain enough knowledge before performing first hand analysis and providing the vital aid that is desperately required.